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You've got mail: You can now export Imprints to email

At Amondo, we want to help you share and amplify content across all of your key platforms and channels, including websites, apps, screens and social.

Today we’re excited to announce that we're adding email to the list of distribution options.

Introducing... Email Export 📧

Choose content tiles and select 'Email'

With Email Export, you can select and export content from an Imprint as HTML code, which can be pasted directly into your email campaign builder, such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Dot Digital.

Paste the HTML into the relevant code block

From there, just send your email as normal. We take care of all of the hosting and clickthrough links - plus the content layout is completely responsive, so the content will look its best across all devices.

The end result

Have a campaign in mind that you’d like to capture using Amondo? Drop us a line at

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