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We are Amondo ✌️

Here’s a little bit about us.

We're changing how
the world sees content.

We love content. The backstage photo before the show, the video from the stands, the GoPro on the helmet, the selfie on the podium — and any decent hot take fewer than 280 characters.

But content is everywhere. And in so many different formats. All scattered across and trapped within countless platforms, networks and devices.

How do you make sense of it all? How can you make sure it’s being used to its full potential? Seen by the right people. In the right place. At exactly the right moment.

Our mission is to transform how people create and interact with digital content. Making sure that no matter what it is, who created it or where it’s from; the best content will be seen, heard and enjoyed to the max.

Meet the team



A human, apparently. Loves to consider himself a designer. Likes to snap a photo every once in a while, especially if it’s an aerial.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia



Plays music and grows vegetables.

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia


Charlie climbing at a climbing centre

First (and only) proper job since university. Been building Amondo from the ground up ever since. Likes to climb things and lose money on penny stocks.



Circus artist disguised as a web developer. Or vice versa. Travelling, coding and carrying people.



Graduated in journalism and social communication. Enjoys cycling, yoga, visiting museums and going to gigs. Currently planning a trip around the world.

Location: Warsaw, Poland


Sasha at a concert

FE dev. Tech enthusiast. Game completionist. Cat lover. Metalhead. Not necessarily in that order.

Location: G. Milanovac, Serbia


Vova with a cat

Loves nature, the sea (and tech).



When afk, is learning something new, listening to something new or walking something new.


Tolya looking at a monument

Walking here and there. Watching, listening and trying things out. I love linux, my mum and my ThinkPad. Certified user of online translators.

Location: Around the world



Ex-adman and consultant, brought into the world of tech by a great idea. Lifelong fan of Jeep, live music and Liverpool FC. YNWA.