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How Dr. Martens created an immersive content experience to power its global brand campaign

The Background

Dr. Martens is a global footwear brand that over six decades has transformed into one of the most culturally relevant brands in the world. Adopted by numerous subcultures over the years, the brand continues to surge, its recent growth linked to its ability to recognise and leverage the growing importance of social.

Paying tribute to the spirit and values of its wearers, the latest global brand campaign from Dr. Martens, Tough As You, focuses on stories of individual resilience. Launching in AW19, the campaign first told the stories of four contributors overcoming adversity to become who they are today. SS20 saw the campaign evolve to feature the experiences of six further contributors, chosen for their commitment to empowerment and self-expression. Asked 'what does toughness mean to you?', the stories revealed a common fight to overcome hardships while celebrating individual definitions of 'toughness'.

The advent of the coronavirus pandemic soon brought forth a new question for AW20: What is 'toughness' in 2020?

The wider Dr. Martens community was called on to contribute their own experiences to this new phase of the campaign.

The Challenge

The Dr. Martens team felt that with content now increasingly short-lived on social media feeds, they needed a means of capturing the powerful stories being shared by their contributors. To unify the submissions, Dr. Martens needed a format that would allow for these stories to be seen and experienced by consumers in a single place on the Dr. Martens platform, acting as a central hub for the campaign.

We needed something that would serve not only to display content, but to engage and immerse people in the campaign. Amondo offers the best solution we've found for this.

This central hub could then be used in outreach on the brands social channels, driving traffic to the Dr. Martens site, exposing audiences to campaign content and creating deeper engagement with the campaign.

The Solution

Content curation

Using the Amondo dashboard, the Dr. Martens global marketing team curated content submissions from influencers and community contributors.

"It's fully-featured and really easy to use. Anyone can jump on and learn in 15 minutes."

Harry Mason
Global Marketing, Dr. Martens

The Tough As You Imprint brought the campaign to life through a powerful mixture of lo-fi video interviews and text-based content.

Clickthrough tiles

In addition, Dr. Martens team made use of Amondo's Clickthrough tiles to subtly link through from the Imprint to product pages elsewhere on the Dr. Martens site, allowing styles being worn by contributors to be explored by viewers.

Social posts

To expose consumers to the Tough as You Imprint and to call for content submissions from the community, Dr. Martens used its social channels to link through to the Imprint and submission page.

The Results

"Our key objectives for the campaign were awareness and subsequent engagement. As a digital solution, the Imprint was the primary vehicle to achieve both of these things."

Harry Mason
Global Marketing, Dr. Martens

Using Amondo, Dr. Martens was able to take powerful, user-generated content from across its community and bring this together into a single, unified setting. The Imprint served as the main display of the Tough as You campaign, immersing viewers in the essence of the campaign and capturing the spirit of the Dr. Martens community.

The Imprint created impressive engagement, with an average of more than 90 interactions per submission and 300,000 impressions of the campaign content. The Imprint's Clickthrough Tiles generated a strong click-through rate, despite their subtlety and lack of a direct call to action.

If you would like more information about our project with Dr. Martens or would like to discuss working together, drop us a line at

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